My go-to & favorite daily supplements

 My Favorite Protein Powders:

Collagen Powders:

Reds & Greens (Gut Health!! Bloating!! Help your gut out):
Multi-Vitamins, but better!

Magnesium Powders:

EPA and DHA 

Sleep Supplements (IMO - key to starting wellness is quality sleep)


My Go-To Supplements for Optimizing Health, Wellness, and Fitness 

I'm excited to share my favorite supplements that help fill nutrient gaps, are enjoyable to take, and significantly boost my overall health and fitness.

Protein Powders: Building Blocks of Health

Protein is essential for every cell in the body, and finding the right protein powder is crucial for meeting daily needs. My preferred protein powders consist of Low Temperature Processed whey isolates. These sources are not only rich in essential amino acids but are also processed in a way that preserves their natural quality and nutrients, making them a superior choice for supporting muscle repair and growth. And they taste excellent. In the past, I've taken some 'not so great' protein which actually detterred me away from powders for the longest time. Turns out using high quality protein from a trusted company is where I made my turn around. Using 'cheap' proteins from lesser known companies was the biggest mistake I made in my wellness journey.

Collagen Powders: For Skin, Hair, and Joint Health

Collagen is a key supplement in my routine, supporting skin elasticity, healthy hair, and joint mobility. I love adding collagen powder to my morning routine, whether it's in smoothies or coffee. It dissolves easily and is a straightforward method to boost my intake of this crucial protein. Your hair will THANK YOU!! My hair growth has improved drastically between eating clean and then adding collagen

MicroFactor: Daily Essentials for Vitality

Instead of a regular multivitamin, I opt for MicroFactor, a comprehensive package that provides a full spectrum of nutrients. This ensures I receive all the essential vitamins, antioxidants, and other critical nutrients needed to support a dynamic lifestyle. Filling in the gaps of macronutrients

Other Supplements: Targeted Support for Wellness

Beyond the basics, I also rely on specific supplements to address particular health needs. Omega-3 fatty acids are indispensable for heart health and cognitive function, and a probiotic supplement is crucial for maintaining a healthy gut microbiome, which is essential for overall wellness. Gut health will lead you down a path of optimizing your overall health. Do not underestimate the power of EPA and DHA in aiding the battle against inflammation, improving cognitive functioning, assistance in balancing hormones & SO much more!!

These supplements not only fill my nutritional gaps but are also enjoyable and easy to integrate into my daily routine. Whether it's blending a scoop of protein into a smoothie or taking my MicroFactor pack with breakfast, these habits keep me feeling energized and ready to face the day.

Incorporating these supplements has made a significant difference in optimizing my health and fitness, making me feel better than ever. If you’re looking to enhance your wellness regimen, high quality, effective options.


If you want to change your life, start by improving YOU first. Improve your well-being, improve your health, improve your mood, balance your hormones, fix your gut health --- Watch the rest of your life follow suit.

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